Information Literacy Goals & Rationale


  • teach students and faculty concepts and frameworks for understanding information processes
  • foster the development and application of information literacy skills into all facets of students’ lives
  • develop and foster diverse methods of excellent teaching in information literacy
  • enhance collaborative relationships between classroom and library faculty and heighten the role of librarians as teachers
  • encourage the development of information literacy in the larger GVSU learning community


For graduates to operate successfully in a rapidly changing global society, they will need to understand how to find and use information effectively. A university must educate a student not only within a discipline but also for lifelong learning.

Average students have to have 15-16 repetitions of something before they learn it; bright students 8-9 repetitions, and gifted students 0-3.  Thus there is a strong need for information literacy to be integrated throughout the curriculum, both in General Education, majors, and graduate degrees.  We need to work toward the true integration of information literacy into Gen Ed and for information literacy to be included at the senior and graduate levels.

Amount of work time spent looking for information in business:


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