Marketing instruction

Marketing Information Literacy Instruction

  • Work with your departmental liaison/s
  • Email faculty in liaison departments/schools offering help with creating good and innovative assignments, and/or offer instruction for their students
  • Post messages on GVSU_Notices and Teaching Center electronic bulletin boards
  • Attend departmental meetings
  • Talk with departments about creating a plan to meet the information literacy skills requirements in their Gen Ed courses, and in their major programs (let’s not do instruction for every class!)
  • Propose to faculty that they create some web pages on information literacy in their field; offer your expertise
  • Phone (selected) faculty (or do a group voicemail distribution)
  • Send letters or flyers or surveys
  • Talk with the department secretaries
  • Point out the Information Literacy and other Library web pages
  • Articles in Library Lites
  • Network with faculty at workshops and committee meetings
  • Send out new book lists to faculty (use Acquisitions module or Online Catalog New Items function)
  • Send short messages to faculty about new databases or web sites in liaison area

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